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A Google News SEO Backdoor?

The Google search engine is unlike most other search engines in that a company can’t just buy a high ranking. Companies have to make themselves appear useful to consumers by following the rules of the Google algorithm, which is a secret. Social media such as company blogs and online interaction with blogs in the company’s industry can help SEO. A lesser known backdoor into the Google rankings involves submitting a press release to Google News through posting a press release to PR newswire for $30 or rantrave for free, which are preferred and automated Google news feeds. Google news affects Google search, and therefore your companies’ google search engine rankings.

While this service will hopefully be used for good, there have been cases of people creating false news in this manner, so Google may have to close this backdoor or limit it by only automating news feeds from providers who charge a fee for press release submissions.

This is a shame because many small businesses get squeezed out by such measures.

One thought on “A Google News SEO Backdoor?

  1. Improving Google SEO through submitting a press release to Google News .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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