Presentation at the 2017 NGO Expo on “Technology for Social Good – AED Social Campaign.”


As part of the brand campaign, Philips was involved in the UN’s week of social good conferences in NYC 2017. One of these conferences was the NGO Expo, where Andrea Hofer (MA/TC Social Media Lead) presented on AED Awareness via Social Media (presentation deck, presentation video). Conference attendees included many potential customers (hospitals and health-focused NGOs) with a global focus, particularly in India.

The presentation was well received, with Andrea’s contact saying it was her favorite of the day. Andrea received a Gandhi award for leadership in social good. David Saltzman – Philips NYC AED representative – manned a booth on behalf of Philips and demonstrated the product during Andrea’s presentation, with the help of a 7th grader who was also a speaker. This demonstration showed that in addition to helping to save lives, AEDs are easy for anyone to use.

After the presentation, Andrea received interest from multiple attendees on partnering on expanding AED availability, particularly in India. The organizer of NGO Expo is connected with multiple Indian organizations and says he wants to partner “from his heart.” Another new contact is a lawyer whose father is well connected in Indian government. He wants to help Philips with any legislation support we need.

While at the event Andrea met an employee at LinkedIn and had an opportunity to be one of the first to test drive LinkedIn’s new native video feature with branded banner. Those with an iPhone will be able to see the NGO Expo banner at the bottom of the video. This feature will be valuable to leverage for Philips’ campaigns on LinkedIn.

Positioning Philips as a brand committed to global health and expanding awareness of the work we do to help save lives was very personally meaningful and energizing.


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