Rainbow Candles

I’m a huge fan of rainbows due to their ability to cause smiles.

Rainbow Candles

To make these rainbow candles I just needed wax and wicks from a craft shop, assorted glasses (this is a great way to reuse flower vases), skewers for stirring/wick-holding, 8-pack of Crayola crayons, empty metal can, and favorite fragrance (Gucci #2). Optional: packet of stearine powder to slow the burn and make the colors more true. I got the powder because, hey, might as well make the candles I’m spending all this time on good. Indispensible: Laptop for recipes and for tunes to melt wax by.

Wicks are go

Directions: Prep your glasses with wicks twisted around skewers to keep them centered.

Hack chunks of wax and place in can with a crayon and some stearine powder.

Put that in another pot with boiling water and melt everything, stirring frequently.

Pour your layers and spritz with scent, allowing time to cool between each layer.

Trim your wicks, and you’ve got rainbow candles, suitable for gifting, meditating on chakras with if that’s your thing, or in my case showing them off and smiling.

In photo: My sister as a kid

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