Winter Geocaching

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQiAAAAJDcxMGM0NjkzLTVlYTAtNGIzOC05NmQ5LTI3OTNkOTcwM2UxZQ.jpg[This blog post was originally posted on the Geocaching.com blog on December 4, 2015]

With winter weather comes new challenges for geocachers. Days are shorter and colder while snow and ice change the landscape, making special equipment necessary.

Clockwise from top left: Earthcache at GC1575A Big Four Ice Caves in Washington, Heli ski to GCV3AH “Georgia on my mind” in Georgia, Eurasia, GC141MY The Northern Lights (Traditional Cache) in Newfoundland and Labrador, unknown night cache, unknown doggie cache, unknown tree cache.

Despite the winter challenges, you can still remain active in the game! Winter geocaching activities include:

  • Build skills for new geocaching experiences at a rock climbing gym.
  • Visit a library cache.
  • Host or attend a geocaching event.
  • Work on Puzzle caches.
  • Take a trip to low altitude places to find more accessible geocaches.
  • Channel your inner Maker Madness and create wow-worthy caches, trackables, and SWAG for placement in the Spring.
  • Scout potential hide locations to see how they look in the winter.
  • Venture into the snow. Bring a poking stick and poke that snow till you hear a clang or thud. Before heading out, make sure you’ve reviewed our cold weather caching tips.

Clockwise from top left: GC4WEJH Franz Josef Glacier (Waikato) in North Island, New Zealand, GC115ZX Deception Island EarthCache in Antarctica, unknown mountain cache, GC115ZX Deception Island EarthCache in Antarctica.

Depending on where you’re located, you can be in for any type of weather. With these seasonal geocache finding tips and seasonal geocache owner tips, you can make geocaching a year-round activity!

Winter can be an incredible and inspiring time.

What wintertime geocaching activities do you enjoy?

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